Parking Gurus - FAQs

Can I set the availability myself?

Absolutely. You decide when your spot is available, and when it’s not. We’re happy to work with your schedule.

How much should I charge for my spot?

While we can provide recommendations, the rates and availability are completely up to you! We suggest looking at the pricing of similar locations on our website or mobile apps, to determine a reasonable rate. If you’d like to change your rates, please contact .

When should I rent my parking space?

This is entirely up to you. We offer non-stop, partial hours and overnight.

While your dashboard does not have the ability to make changes, our seller support team ( can help to adjust availability.

What if I need my parking spot?

You can pause your listing(s) at any time through your online dashboard. That being said, when your listing is live on the site, customers are able to make reservations. Please ensure there are not existing reservations before blacking out.

Once someone reserves my spot – am I able to accept or deny the reservation?

Parking Gurus offers on-demand parking, and because of this, customers can make reservations, up to the minute that they need to park. We don’t offer the option to approve reservations before allowing customers to park.

What are the fees for listing my spot on Parking Gurus?

It costs nothing to get your spot live on our apps and website.

We do take a small commission on every transaction. Included in these fees are credit card processing, full-time access to a dedicated account manager, access to online sales reports, signage, full suite of marketing initiatives, etc.

If you have more questions about our commission structure, reach out to your account manager at

How will drivers find my spot?

Our team will ensure we have detailed directions to get the driver to the right spot. Any details or directions you can provide will help out, too. Additionally, we can provide signage to show customers where to park, and warn folks who have not paid for the spot to stay away.

How will I get paid?

We’ll collect all revenue for the month and will remit back your earnings through check or ACH payment. In order to do so, we’ll need either your mailing address or account and routing numbers. These payments are processed in the first 7-10 business days of the month. Please allow up to 5 business days to process ACH payments, and 10 business days to process all checks.

Can I sell an off-street parking space on Parking Gurus?

No. Parking Gurus is not a platform for buying and selling off-street parking spots.

This is awesome! Can I refer my friends to sell their spots too?

Absolutely. We love referrals and will reward you for them, too! Let your account manager know you’ve brought on another seller.

Is this legit or a scam?

Definitely legit. If you’re uncertain, try us for a couple of weeks. You can cancel any time.