Make The Most Of Your Assets
With Parking Gurus

Turn your empty spaces into cash while helping others save time and money.

Parking Gurus offers you all the tools you need to list and manage your available parking whether they be a garage, covered carport, driveway, or simply an open space.

In addition, you will be doing the environment a favor.   Studies have shown that as much as 30% of city gasoline usage is wasted on finding adequate parking!

List Your Space For Free
Rent out your driveway, apartment or condo allotted spot, empty hotel space, open RV space. You can literally rent any type of parking space with Parking Gurus.
Control Availability
With our advanced scheduling technology, you are free to only rent your spaces when it suits you.
Make Money
Get regular bookings and payments straight to your bank or paypal account.

There is a real demand for your unused parking space

Parking Gurus is on a mission to match parkers and hosts. With our advanced scheduling technology, YOU are in complete control of when your space becomes available.

We even have an option for OVERNIGHT ONLY. This is a perfect way to allow someone to park behind you and they will be gone in the morning before you are ready to leave.